Senior Trippin’

So, we have an unofficial tradition at my school where graduated seniors go on a week long senior trip to Koh Samui, Thailand. Koh Samui is a tropical island that’s only a night-train away from my home city, Bangkok. It’s also a place that allows you to wake up to sights like this…

…and witness sights like this…

Here’s a little shout out to my friends I senior tripped with:

Tara, Prin, Kam, Howard, Rose, Ronnie, Jack, Teh, Suguru, Ani, Dong and Toy — thank you all for an amazing trip! Keep in touch and best of luck.

Here are some photos of the food I made (and ate!) during the trip.

ผัดไทย [Pad Thai]

Lime Pudding Cake

Crêpe Suzette – the vanilla ice cream is melting on the hot crêpe

Cheesy Home Fries

ยำมาม่า [Yum Mama] – it’s like a spicy Thai ramen salad

Caramel Custard/ Flan


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