It has been an unforgivably long time since my last blog post on my previous food blog, http://lisa-is-hungry.blogspot.com. I think I stopped blogging because I felt a sense of pressure and/or obligation to blog a new recipe each week, which made it less fun. However, I’ve just graduated high school and I have an entire summer free to blog/eat/bake/do-whatever-the-hell-I-want. I hope to update this blog with new recipes and maybe some snippets of my own life.
I’d first like to make a few resolutions for myself as I start this blog:
  1. Each recipe will receive a 100% honest review
  2. I won’t put pressure on myself to blog regularly
  3. I’ll spend time doing what I love the most. This means, if I don’t enjoy the writing aspect of blogging, I might spend more time taking photos of food instead.
  4. I’ll spend less time fretting over formatting and grammar, and more time enjoying myself doing what I love to do best — bake!
Food blogging has been such a rewarding experience — it has helped me create a portfolio of my own cooking adventures, be part of an amazing online culinary community and try new recipes. I’m so glad to be back!
These are some of my favorite shots from my old blog:
Chiffon Cupcakes – just looking at the swirls of frosting makes me nostalgic :’)
Peanut Butter Granola Bites – one of the few in-action shots I’ve taken
Birthday Brownies – no longer my go-to brownie recipe but still delicious
Carrot Cupcakes – these cupcakes were frosted with the best cream cheese frosting ever! Both the cake and frosting recipe were definite keepers.
So, while I have indeed been out of blogging for almost a year, I certainly haven’t stopped baking. Some of the things I’ve baked recently and managed to snap some photos of are…
Soft Chocolate Cake – I hope to make a grand two-layer version of this soon!
Sugar Cookies – I thought the smiley was cute. To be honest though, I’d take a chocolate chip cookie over these anyway. They looked pretty but tasted like… sugar cookie.
Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookies – these were so good! They used obscene amounts of chocolate though.

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